Tuesday, 18 June 2013

General Overview of Push Notifications Services

Nowadays, every company is developing Push Notification services, and these are very similar.
When I say they are very similar, I refer to the fact that they all are asynchronous, best-effort services that offers third-party developers a channel to send data to apps from a cloud service in a power-efficient manner. The most popular are:
    - Google Cloud Messaging (Android)
    - Apple Push Notification Service (iPhone / iPad)
    - Microsoft Push Notification Service (Windows Phone)
    - BlackBerry Push Service (BlackBerry)
    - Windows Push Notification Services (Windows 8)
    - etc.
Pushing data to smartphones provides users with instant access to desired updates as they happen, such as news and weather, sports scores, stock prices and other time-sensitive content. The push services provide an efficient way to quickly push timely information updates to many smartphones at once, in a centrally managed and controlled manner.
Generally, you can also be very selective in who you send information to, including individual customers or many customers (multicast).
This services minimizes the impact on the smartphones battery life. Instead of actively checking for new data, the applications can remain closed.
This processes offer an alternative to other less efficient methods, such as polling, where a device regularly polls an application server to see if new content is available.
The main differences between the services, refer to details as: the maxim payload length, the quality of service, queueing the messages or not, and the time limit for this, the way the messages are handled in the devices, etc.





  1. In my iPhone the push notifications are not working properly. Is there any need of software update?

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