Sunday, 22 September 2013

3 Libraries for communicating with Mobile devices through Push Notifications.

I announce the result of 3 months working on the GSoC project: "Communicating with mobile devices". After reading many documentation, thinking about a good abstraction, learning about mobile apps and networks connections, and really valuable recommendations from my mentor, (I really want to thank Michael Snoyman for his availability and kindness) I finished developing 3 libraries to make it easy to send push notifications to mobile devices. They are available on Hackage:

* push-notify- : This library offers a simple API for sending notifications through APNS, GCM and MPNS. [1]

* push-notify-ccs- : This library offers an API for sending/receiving notifications through CCS (XMPP - Google Cloud Messaging). [2]

* push-notify-general- : This library offers a general API for sending/receiving notifications, and handling the registration of devices on the server. It provides a general abstraction which can be used to communicate through different services as APNS, GCM, MPNS, hiding as much as possible, the differences between them. [3]

Now, it is easy to send/receive information with mobile devices, so you can easily develop server applications which interact with them.
So, to clarify this, as part of this project, I developed many test examples, including Android/WPhone and Yesod apps. The code is available on GitHub: [4] and they are running online on: [5] , so can be downloaded and tested on mobile devices. (BackAndForth Messaging and Connect4 apps)
Every feedback is welcome!


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